SafetyPosterAustralia.com was launched in July 2019. We supply occupational health and safety posters that you can order via our website. At this moment we don’t sell through any physical store.

All the graphics are supplied by SafetyPosterShop.com which has been running globally since 2011 and their posters have been used by companies, organizations, and governments in 64 countries worldwide to increase safety awareness among their staff and workers. The collection at SafetyPosterAustralia.com are selected and edited for Australian usage. New artworks are added regularly every week, so it would be a good idea to check our site regularly for the new releases.

You can find the information of our products and how to buy on the How It Works page.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in this website, or come up with an idea, you are welcome to send us your idea or suggestion  what you have in mind as we may put it in our next-to-do list.

And remember, the posters are only reminders of how to deal with the health and safety issues at workplace, they don’t replace training and hands-on experience.

Happy shopping!